Wendy Weng

Wendy Weng

Research Director, China-United States Exchange Foundation

Wendy Weng is Research Director of the China-United States Exchange Foundation in Hong Kong. She follows China's politics and foreign policies, focusing on China-US relations. Weng previously worked at the Fung Business Intelligence under the Fung Group, where her research focused on China's regional and industrial policies, mainland-Hong Kong relations, and China's international engagement.

Visitors at the 13th China Processing Trade Products Fair (CPTPF) in Dongguan, Guangdong, 10 May 2023. (CNS)

Is the Greater Bay Area still China's answer to Silicon Valley?

The Greater Bay Area remains China’s manufacturing vanguard with great potential, despite the hard knocks weathered by the tech and fintech firms in the area. Be that as it may, greater centralised technological leadership is a double-edged sword, say Hong Kong analysts Naubahar Sharif and Wendy Weng.