Xu Shijie

Xu Shijie


Xu Shijie is a Professor with tenure in the Department of Physics at The University of Hong Kong. He has been interested in light emission and related phenomena, especially effects of carrier localization and many-body interactions in internal optoelectronic processes in semiconducting materials and other solids. He has authored over 170 scientific articles with significant impact in the fields. He is also interested in issues of China history, traditional Chinese culture as well as relationships of modern China with other countries. He has attempted to provide a natural scholar’s view on the issues.

A man visits the 2020 World Semiconductor Conference in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, on 26 August 2020. (STR/AFP)

Is China winning? China lags far behind the US in innovation

Huawei will stop producing its flagship Kirin chipsets from 15 September due to US restrictions and also because China still does not have the ability to produce them on its own. Hong Kong physicist Xu Shijie ruminates on ancient Chinese philosophy's idea of a perpetual cycle of order and chaos, and opines that while the tumultuous events of 2020 seem to signal a move away from a US-led world order, this does not mean that China has the upper hand. Recognising that it still needs to buck up on innovation and kick the habit of seeking quick success will help China build a better world for everyone. 
America’s clampdown on Huawei is as relentless as it gets. (iStock)

Huawei’s latest chip: A possible “seven-up eight-down” breakthrough?

Why did the US give Huawei such a hard beatdown? Why is the US mortified by Huawei’s technological advancements? Just what’s the deal with Huawei? Prof Xu of The University of Hong Kong spills the beans.