Yang Danxu

Beijing Correspondent, Lianhe Zaobao

Before Yang Danxu became Lianhe Zaobao's Beijing correspondent, she was the newspaper's Shanghai correspondent. When she was based in Shanghai, she covered politics, diplomacy, political economy and social trends in the country, focusing especially on the Yangtze River Delta region.

Workers in protective suits at a checkpoint for registration and body temperature measurement, at an entrance to a residential compound in Wuhan. Major leadership changes have been announced in an effort to control the epidemic. (Reuters)

Replaced and warned, leadership in Hubei and Wuhan undergoes shakeup

Zaobao correspondent Yang Danxu does a roundup of the leadership changes in Hubei and Wuhan due to the Covid-19 epidemic, and finds out that more is yet to come.
Air China employees wear medical masks for protection against the Covid-19 at LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal on 2 February 2020 in Los Angeles, California. The United States was first to announce a travel ban on travellers from China. (David McNew/Getty Images/AFP)

Covid-19: Further split in China-US relationship?

The Covid-19 crisis should have been a chance for the US and China to increase cooperation. Instead, the two countries have lobbed diplomatic volleys against each other in a show of one-upmanship. Now, their competition arena has widened beyond trade or tech, to the escalating coronavirus epidemic.
Medical staff at a hospital in Wuhan, 5 February 2020. (Xiong Qi/Xinhua)

[Big Read] Wuhan waits for a turning point

The new coronavirus has not yet peaked but is already having serious impacts on the people and businesses of Wuhan and China. Zaobao correspondent Yang Danxu looks at the micro and macro effects of the epidemic, from personal accounts to medical and economic forecasts, in this big read on Wuhan.
Medical staff collecting medical supplies from the Wuhan Red Cross Society on 27 January 2020. (Wuhan Red Cross Society official Weibo)

Wuhan coronavirus: Hubei and Wuhan Red Cross Society officials draw flak

Poor handling of the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic continues to incur public wrath. This time, China’s Red Cross fields tough questions as to why donated supplies are not reaching those in need.
How should public opinion be handled amidst the escalation of the Wuhan coronavirus? (Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)

Wuhan "rumour-monger" netizens are heroes after all

Amidst intensifying public opinion and discussion on the rapidly escalating Wuhan coronavirus, the Supreme People’s Court has broken the silence and stepped out in defence of alleged rumour-mongers, openly questioning Wuhan officials’ mishandling of the outbreak in its initial stages. Zaobao correspondent Yang Danxu finds out from academics how Wuhan officials could have better dealt with public opinion in the Internet era.
People wearing face masks to help stop the spread of a deadly virus which began in the city, wait for medical attention at Wuhan Red Cross Hospital in Wuhan on 25 January 2020. (Hector Retamal/AFP)

Wuhan coronavirus: A test of human kindness and resilience

As Wuhan continues its lockdown, populations outside are imposing their own lockdown by shutting out Wuhan people from their borders and cities. Is the epidemic attacking the mind as well as the body as it tests human kindness and resilience?
At a press conference on Sunday, Hubei officials were criticised for giving wrong information and misuse of surgical masks. (CNS)

Wuhan mayor sloppy and irresponsible according to Chinese netizens

In the face of the Wuhan virus, Hubei officials are being called out for their poor handling of the situation. The latest press conference did not put Wuhan mayor Zhou Xianwang and Hubei governor Wang Xiaodong in a good light. Instead, it sparked off even greater internet wrath over the officials’ ineptitude. Zaobao correspondent Yang Danxu examines the reasons for public anger.
The outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus is rapidly escalating. In this photo taken on 21 January 2020, people wearing protective masks are seen arriving at Beijing railway station to head home for the Lunar New Year. (Nicolas Asfouri/AFP)

Wuhan coronavirus: Lack of urgency and transparency to blame?

Wuhan is now a quarantine zone with a death toll in China of 17 and more than 570 infected. Cases have also been surfacing elsewhere such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and the US. In light of such rapid escalation, Yang Danxu questions why it has taken this long for the Chinese authorities to step up their crisis efforts.
Women wearing masks in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong authorities have stepped up vigilance against the mystery pneumonia in Wuhan. (CNS)

China’s mystery pneumonia

The recent outbreak of a mystery pneumonia in Wuhan brings back memories of the 2003 SARS epidemic. How are the Chinese authorities responding differently this time, and are people sufficiently reassured?