Yao Shujie

Yao Shujie

Special Chair Professor of Economics; Deputy Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chongqing University

Professor Yao Shujie is the Chueng Kong Special Chair Professor of Economics and deputy dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chongqing University. He is also the chief economist of the Chongqing Municipality government. He has held academic positions in the UK, including at the University of Oxford and the University of Nottingham, where he was the founding head of the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies. Professor Yao is an expert on economic development in China and has published 18 research monographs and edited various books.

People on a bridge in a village in a Miao minority autonomous region in Liuzhou city, Guangxi, 30 January 2021. (Xinhua)

Chinese researcher: This is how China gets rid of poverty

China has made huge strides in poverty alleviation over the last few decades, especially in rural areas. As of the end of 2020, 592 counties, 128,000 villages, and 98.99 million people are no longer tagged as poor. Chinese academic Yao Shujie takes a closer look at the strategies that have gotten China to this point, including relying on big data, mobilising the whole community, and identifying poor individuals. However, he also admits that there are rising challenges in poverty alleviation.