Yeo Lay Hwee

Yeo Lay Hwee

Director, European Union Centre, Singapore

Dr Yeo Lay Hwee is the director of the European Union Centre in Singapore and a senior research fellow at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs.

View of a fresco "Long Live the Ukrainian Resistance" is painted on a wall in the French capital Paris on 26 March 2022. (Joel Saget/AFP)

How the Ukraine war will reshape the EU’s approach to China and Indo-Pacific

The Ukraine war has made the EU, at least for now, more united than before and it is increasingly aligned with the US amid a reinvigoration of NATO. The grouping had erstwhile been seeking to forge a “third way” in playing a role in the Indo-Pacific free of the US-China binary construct. But as it moves closer to the US, will it be carried along by the “democracy versus autocracy” narrative and estrange itself from China to its own detriment?