Yu Koizumi

Yu Koizumi

Project Assistant Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

Professor Yu Koizumi specialises in Russian military strategies and security policies. After earning his Masters Degree from the Graduate School of Political Science at Waseda University, he joined a private company, then served as a special analyst for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, investigator for the National Diet Library, and Research Fellow at the Institute for Future Engineering in Japan, before taking up his current position in March 2019. His publications include Gunji taikoku Roshia (Military Superpower Russia) (2016) and “Teikoku” Roshia no chiseigaku (Geopolitics of Russia as “Empire”) (2019).

Russia and China are getting closer in terms of military ties. (Reuters)

Closer military ties in China-Russia power play

Project Assistant Professor Yu Koizumi of The University of Tokyo observes that as long as their respective relations with the US remain at an impasse, China and Russia’s growing military ties portend greater collaboration between the two powers in the Eurasia great game.