Zhang Rui

Economics professor

Zhang Rui is an economics professor in Guangdong province. He is on the editorial team of financial and economic publications for Peking University and Nanjing University, and is a writer and columnist for publications such as Economic Daily and China Youth Daily. He is the author of six books on finance and economics.


A road along Qidaoliang village located in a deep valley in Hebei province, China, 2014. (SPH)

Chinese villages' failed toilet revolution, clogged ponds and dangerous roads

Professor Zhang Rui takes stock of the government’s high-priority rural revitalisation project in villages, warning of cases of resource misallocation and misplaced priorities. He says while much manpower and resources have been mobilised to build new infrastructure, Chinese villages continue to be afflicted by poor sanitary facilities, lousy roads and a lack of clean water. The problem cannot be solved by simply building more of the same. 
A deliveryman walks past a closed Luckin Coffee store at Sanlitun, Beijing, China on 7 February 2020. (Jason Lee/File Photo/Reuters)

Misbehaving US-listed Chinese enterprises and their gambler attitudes

Chinese companies listed on US stock exchanges such as Luckin Coffee and iQiyi have been embroiled in accounting scandals of late, causing investors to eye Chinese concept stocks with doubt. What can Chinese companies with hopes of gaining access to foreign investment do to improve their bad reputations by association?
Medical staff treating a critical patient infected by the Covid-19 coronavirus at the Red Cross hospital in Wuhan. (AFP)

China's public healthcare system needs a revamp

The investment is low, the focus is flawed, the mindset needs changing... For Chinese economics professor Zhang Rui, it is evident that China's public healthcare system is not robust enough. He says that long-term public health capacity building, particularly in disease prevention and emergency preparedness, should be at the top of the Chinese agenda.