Bai Yi

Comic artist

Bai Yi is a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She is currently a relief teacher at Dunman High School in Singapore, and is a regular contributor to Zaobao's comic pages. Her dream is to see her name among the credits of animated films - the more prominent the better.

"It's for your own good."

Family fundamentals: Confessions of a young Chinese overseas

When the coronavirus swept in like a tornado, we thought life would never be the same again. But beneath our masks, we are still who we are. Life's petty quarrels will surface again. Parents won't stop worrying about us; we won't stop hoping not to disappoint them. And... the people we're closest to are still those we reserve our sharpest barbs for. In her first comic strip for ThinkChina, budding artist Bai Yi tells the story of a young Chinese living in Singapore as he copes with life away from home amid the pandemic.