Chen Kuohsiang


Chen Kuohsiang is a veteran media personality in Taiwan. He is the former chairman of Taiwan's Central News Agency and was previously editor-in-chief of Independence Evening Post and China Times, and head of China Times Express. He has written for China Times and Yazhou Zhoukan. He is a former member of the Central Election Commission and was a member of the committee in charge of Hakka affairs for Taipei city.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leaves the parliament in Taipei, Taiwan, 3 August 2022. (Ann Wang/Reuters)

Taiwan likely to become biggest loser with Pelosi's visit

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is enroute to Taiwan for a visit that has kept the Biden administration and both sides of the Taiwan Strait on tenterhooks in past weeks. Whatever happens next, the people of Taiwan may be on the losing end. Taiwanese commentator Chen Kuohsiang explains the implications.
Residential buildings under construction in Shanghai, China, on 27 July 2022. (Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)

China’s economic crisis is a ticking time bomb

Taiwanese commentator Chen Kuohsiang believes that China’s economy is under threat, with the unravelling of intertwining issues in the financial industry, property sector and government finances that cannot be easily resolved. How will China boost its investment-led economy, push down unemployment rates, and regain consumer and investor confidence?
This general view shows Japanese lawmakers at upper house of the parliament in Tokyo on 15 June 2022. (AFP)

Constitutional revision is not entirely Japan's domestic affairs

Japan’s efforts at revising its constitution are not just a domestic issue as it concerns the foremost interests of external parties, says Taiwanese commentator Chen Chen Kuohsiang. The wounds from the Second World War remain fresh in mind for countries such as China and South Korea, while regional cooperation efforts, especially those of the US’s geopolitical strategy, may turn to dust.
A man walks along an observation area with a view of the Shenzhen skyline during sunset in Shenzhen, in China’s southern Guangdong province on 10 July 2022. (Jade Gao/AFP)

What can an increasingly isolated China do?

China’s general isolation is impacting its economy and international image, with most other countries having unfavourable views of and little trust in China and its leadership. Taiwanese commentator Chen Kuohsiang looks at the factors leading to the current situation and how China can address it.