George Yeo

Senior Advisor, Kuok Group and Kerry Logistics Network

George Yeo began his career in Singapore’s military and Ministry of Defence, before entering politics in 1988. In his 23 years in the Singapore Government, his ministerial portfolios ranged from Information and the Arts, Health, Trade & Industry, to Foreign Affairs. On leaving politics in 2011, he joined the private sector, taking on advisory roles and board memberships in various organisations and educational institutions, including Kuok Group and Kerry Logistics Network, Peking University, Nalanda University, Mitsubishi Corporation, AIA, and Pinduoduo. He is also commissioned in various capacities by the Vatican and the Holy See in Italy.

George Yeo speaking at the 4th edition of Sohar International's Viewpoints forum. (Sohar International/Twitter)

Rise of China and the future of small nations

Who is benefiting from the China-US conflict? How should small nations like Singapore find their place in a world in flux? What is the Chinese way of statecraft? And the real reason for American's concern with Huawei and the 5G technology. Singapore's former Foreign Minister George Yeo shared his insights at the "Chairman's Forum" which was organised by the Sohar International in Oman on 8 October. This is an extract of his speech.