James Pang

Associate Professor, NUS Business School

Dr. James Pang is currently an Associate Professor at the NUS Business School at National University of Singapore, and the Co-Director of NUS Business Analytics Center. His research focuses on big data analytics, blockchain, business analytics (BA) architecture, modelling methodology, and algorithm development. He has experience in manufacturing, supply chain/logistics, finance, healthcare, and retail, and has been working in analytics and optimisation in the last 15 years.

A worker makes finishing touches to a signage for 5G mmWave at the MWC Shanghai exhibition in Shanghai, China, on 23 February 2021. (Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)

Has China surpassed the US in the 5G race?

In the development of 1G to 4G technology, the US, Europe and Japan took turns to dominate. When it comes to 5G, China says that it has built the largest 5G network globally with other 718,000 5G base stations throughout the country, which is at least ten times the network in the US. China is also strong in 5G chip design and is making inroads in setting global standards for wireless networks. Is China getting a leg up in the tech race?