Kwek So Cheer

Digital transformation leader


Kwek So Cheer graduated from the National University of Singapore with a major in Information System and Computer Science. He has over 20 years of experience in successful digital transformation initiatives with large enterprises in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and China when working in Accenture and Wilmar. So Cheer is currently embarking on his latest entrepreneurial digital transformation venture, with a focus in emerging technologies like blockchain, IoT and AI.

Companies in China are going through rapid digital transformation. (iStock)

Digital transformation the Chinese way

Implementing digital transformation initiatives in Chinese tech companies where the retirement age was a mere 40 years old, and extensions were granted as exceptions to good performers, Singaporean Kwek So Cheer learnt more about the Chinese psyche than he did any other practical knowledge.
Do you have what it takes to survive at the workplace in China? (iStock)

Are you hungry: Survival tips for China

Are you hungry enough to do what it takes to succeed? So Cheer shares his encounters in China, how his client rejected a dinner appointment for six times and how he wolfed down a plate of noodles that could be cooked using gutter oil. So, what does it take to succeed at the workplace in China?
Our ThinkChina writer So Cheer is no longer lost in translation in China.

Lost in translation - Trans-lost-ation!

Digital transformation expert Kwek So Cheer was confident in his grasp of the Chinese language - until his work brought him to China in 2012.