Termsak Chalermpalanupap

Termsak Chalermpalanupap

Visiting Fellow, Thailand Studies Programme, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute

Dr Termsak Chalermpalanupap is Visiting Fellow with the Thailand Studies Programme, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

The Royal Thai Navy holds a press briefing at the force’s headquarters in Bangkok in 2020 to defend the purchase of two more submarines worth 22.5 billion baht from China. (Photo: Bangkok Post)

Thailand’s marooned submarine deal: Some questions need answers

Thailand’s long-drawn saga to acquire Chinese-built submarines is dead in the water. The kingdom’s newly-appointed defence minister Sutin Klungsang should be asking the Royal Thai Navy some serious questions.
A man wearing a face mask walks past a dragon head decoration outside a mall in Bangkok on 21 January 2021. (Romeo Gacad/AFP)

Land Bridge in place of Kra Canal: Game changer for Thailand's future engagement with region and China?

The idea of the Kra Canal, prevalent in the 18th and 19th centuries, resurfaced in the late 1990s as the Khlong Thai or “Thai Canal” idea. However, the high investment costs, massive and unpredictable adverse environmental impacts, and security implications have all weighed against its realisation. A mega project proposal that envisions building a “Land Bridge” between Chumphon Province on the Gulf of Thailand and an enlarged deep-sea port in Ranong Province on the Andaman Sea has now been touted, supported by the Prayut administration. Academic Termsak Chalermpalanupap examines the options.