Wei Shuang

PhD Candidate, National University of Singapore

Wei Shuang was an English major in the Department of Foreign Languages at Harbin Engineering University (HEU) from 2009 to 2013 under the supervision of Associate Professor Mao Yansheng and obtained her Bachelor of Arts from HEU in 2013. Her BA thesis “A Study on Identity Crisis in ‘Araby’ from the Perspective of Iconicity” received the HEU Excellent Thesis award. She joined the Institute of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Peking University in 2013, and obtained her Master of Arts in 2016. Her MA thesis was titled “A Gender Study of Interactional Strategies in Marital Conflict Talk” and was directed by Professor Hu Zhuanglin.

30 couples tie the knot on 11 November 2019 at Guangzhou, wearing traditional Chinese wedding gowns. The picture shows the groom unveiling his bride. (CNS)

No bride price, no marriage in China

The practice of commoditising marriage through a “bride price” to be paid by the Chinese groom has grown to incredible proportions in recent years, especially in the rural areas of China. Untenable financial burdens aside, this practice is not doing women’s push for gender equality any favours.