Ying Zhu

Ying Zhu

Professor, Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University

Professor Ying Zhu is the founder and chief editor of Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images. Previously a faculty member at the City University of New York, Zhu is currently a professor in the Academy of Film at the Hong Kong Baptist University and an adjunct professor in the school of Arts at the Columbia University. She is a leading expert in Chinese film and television, and her research areas include Chinese cinema and media, Sino-Hollywood relations, and streaming media and serial narrative. She has published four research monographs including Hollywood in China: Behind the Scenes of the World's Largest Movie Market (2022), and Two Billion Eyes: The Story of China Central Television (2013).


A publicity poster for Blossoms Shanghai starring Hu Ge. (Internet)

Between Shanghai and Hong Kong: Blossoms Shanghai as a tale of two cities

Academic Ying Zhu observes that in Blossoms Shanghai directed by Wong Kar-wai, Shanghai is vivid, vibrant and evocative of both the glamour of a colonial Hong Kong and the hustle and bustle of a gilded age Shanghai. The TV drama speaks of the historical relationship between the two cities, and when the bright lights have dimmed, the ruins of the spectacle and the broken dreams. If geopolitical reshuffling in recent years has diminished Hong Kong’s lustre as a first-tier global city and the link between China and the rest of the world, what does the future have in store for Shanghai?
Chinese fans attend mainland China's first official fandom event for science-fiction adventure franchise Star Trek, at a shopping mall in Beijing, China, on 9 September 2023. (Jade Gao/AFP)

Hollywood in China: The cycle of boom and bust

Academic Ying Zhu explains why political and diplomatic tensions aside, the business of motion pictures has its own commercial logic so Hollywood and its Chinese counterpart will continue to be locked in a transactional relationship, though more surreptitiously and in a much more low-key fashion.