[Video] China's brewing coffee culture

From diverse specialty blends to a new university programme in Coffee Science and burgeoning cafe scenes across the country, coffee has evolved from an exotic import to an integral part of China's food and beverage culture. With a penchant for ambience and novelty, coffee aficionados in China are reshaping the nation's coffee scene.
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China-US competition: Managing bottom lines for a win-win situation

Academic Fei-Ling Wang says that the competition between China and the US could become a non-zero-sum game that is mutually beneficial to the two sides and even to the world. This would depend on how the countries uphold their worldview, outlook on life and values and are able to "live and let live".

Would Marcos’s dialogue promises bring peace and stability to the South China Sea?

The joint military exercises that the Philippines has conducted with the US and its allies have not only failed to decrease China’s “offensives” but also incited its “aggressiveness”, says Chinese academic Peng Nian.

From Pakistan to Afghanistan, China grappling with rising terrorist threats

Academic Alessandro Arduino observes that the spike in violence along the route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project is reviving concerns about the "three evils" — terrorism, separatism and extremism — which China, Russia and the Central Asian republics have feared since the inception of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.
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Apple's bid to pull off a rebound in the Chinese market

Chinese consumer interest in Apple iPhones is waning as competitors eat away at its market share. Analysts also believe that the lack of innovation in the new releases has led to declining sales. Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturers remain an important part of the production of Apple products, with no viable replacement in sight. Lianhe Zaobao journalist Daryl Lim speaks with experts and academics to find out more about Apple’s place in China.

‘Granny Wang’s Matchmaking’: A large-scale dating arena for China's youths?

With young people in China seemingly less willing to date and get married, Granny Wang’s Matchmaking event in Henan province is proving to be surprisingly popular. Will such live events catch on more and spur young people to consider marriage?

Will the Confucian religion develop further in Indonesia?

The quiet support of the current administration for the tiny minority of Confucianists in Indonesia, who are mostly ethnic Chinese Indonesians, could speak volumes about not just religious but more worldly concerns.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s China visit yields some results

Despite heightened tension between China and the US, the two sides are maintaining communications at all levels. Lianhe Zaobao correspondent Yu Zeyuan notes that as long as the two countries remain in contact, the situation will not turn for the worse or spin out of control.

Japanese academic: Taiwan needs to step up security on Kinmen and Matsu

Japanese academic Rira Momma analyses China’s tactics in the Kinmen fishing boat incidents and how Taiwan may need to enhance its vigilance on the security of its remote islands.

Why China's debt-ridden local governments left trillions of special bond proceeds unused

PIIE researcher Tianlei Huang explains how local governments did not make the best of the local special bond programme, a major instrument of fiscal stimulus after the pandemic in 2020. He considers if the programme needs to be downsized, and resources possibly channelled to other areas such as building human capital.

Correspondent in Taiwan: Hualien after the earthquake

Following an earthquake that hit the coast of Hualien in Taiwan, the authorities are moving to rebuild infrastructure and facilities, so that residents can return to their lives as soon as possible. Lianhe Zaobao correspondent Woon Wei Jong reports.

Navigating China’s influence: Insights from the State of Southeast Asia 2024 Survey

Southeast Asians recognise China’s burgeoning influence in the region, but there are nuances to the geopolitical dynamics. The region needs to manage its relationship with the rising global power; China needs to address the lack of confidence that it will "do the right thing”.

Luckin challenger pushes China’s coffee price war towards boiling point

Cotti appears to be struggling to sustain its rapid expansion, having already faced operational issues with franchisees and suffering a spate of store closures, as Luckin fights back. Meanwhile, as the two Chinese coffee chains duke it out at the cheap end of the market, China’s largest international player, Starbucks Corp., is distancing itself from the competition and focusing instead on growing its foothold in the country’s smaller cities.

[Video] The harsh reality of China’s job market for youths

Applying to as many as 800 companies only to receive one job offer is a common but harsh reality for Chinese youths. Even then, they have to contend with challenges such as a gruelling “996” work culture (9am to 9pm, six days a week). While some heed the authorities’ call to endure hardships by studying harder and working overtime, some settle for the bare minimum and resign themselves to fate.

A study room of one’s own: 21st century Chinese intellectuals and their pursuit of knowledge

Cultural historian Cheng Pei-kai shares the ups and downs of being an avid reader, from the difficulties in keeping his book collection neat and orderly, to the joy of having a handful of treasured books. He marvels at the sketches a friend made of the study rooms of literati, academics and calligraphers who have since passed on. While his study room is crammed with books and looks more like a storeroom, his love for books burns bright like it does for fellow literati.

Xi-Biden call: China-US tech rivalry remains a point of contention

Lianhe Zaobao journalist Yang Jing notes that despite the continued communication between the two leaders of China and the US, tension remains in several areas, in particular tech. While the US is maintaining its rhetoric that it does not seek to curtail China’s developments, it may not be able to satisfy China’s request for a fair treatment.
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